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New York Professional Web Developer

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Since I dropped the Crayola from my mouth to the paper, creative development has been a part of me. Thinking critically about my life experiences has helped me to further develop my skills. I have been able to attract audiences and bring attention to my work. Additionally, I have extensive experience in marketing and project development. I strive to ensure my work is elaborate and unparalleled.

Professionalism ~

Diligence, Ethics, Goal Orientation


I work well with a team and am interested in learning new things. I feel most comfortable in an office environment, but can easily adapt to any situation. I have a strong sense of leadership, but remain open to new ideas and thoughts. I have the ability to refine my skills, and that fluidity lends me an advantage.

I am a firm believer in “Work Hard and Long” and I don’t shy away from a commitment. Challenges are welcome obstacles to me as they provide an opportunity for learning and potential success. I am tireless in my work ethic and strive for nothing short of perfection.